What is Leasing?

The concept of Lease is influenced by this quote above. We can compare 'milk' with the rights to use an asset and cow with the asset itself. Ultimately, a person who wants to maunfacture a product using. Machinery can get to use that machinery under a leasing arrangement without owning it.

What is Leasing?

A lease can be defined as an arrangement between the lessor (owner of the asset) and the lessee (user of the asset) whereby the lessor purchases an asset for the lessee and allows him to use it in exchange for periodical payments called 'lease rentals' or 'minimum lease payments (MLP)'.

Why choose Leasing?

Leasing is a cost effective and hassle-free way to drive a brand new vehicle whilst benefiting from fixed monthly payments, manufacturer's warranty, road tax and free delivery. We supply all makes and models of new vehicles from a national network of franchised dealers.

Who can Lease a car?

If you hold a full UK's Drivers' License you can enquite on any leasing contract. You will then be put through external credit approach with one of our affiliated finance companies to make sure you will be able to fund your monthly payments.

Is Leasing right for me?                                                       

Ponder these 9 questions:

1) Can I afford the repayments?

2) Am I willing to look after my car?

3) What mileage will I do?

4) Am I happy with the length of my lease?

5) Will the car contuine to suit my lifestyle?

6) Am I happy never owning a car?

7) What charges does the lease have?

8) Is the leasing company you're dealing with reputable?

9) Do I need a GAP insurance?

Why us?

We have over 30 years experience. At Leaseshope, we offer some of the best car and van leasing deals that the UK has to offer. Whether it’s personal car leasing or commercial van contract leasing, you will be hard pressed to find a better deal anywhere else.

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